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Our team have extensive experience in coaching, facilitation and instructional design focused on delivering impact at scale.

Tipu Ngapo

Leadership, People & Culture Consultant, Facilitator, Executive Coach

Tipu has worked as a learning and development professional for over 20 years across 4 different continents and specialises in leadership, culture, productivity and creating high performing teams across a diverse range of sectors.

Tipu has a flexible approach that allows individuals and teams to realise their full potential, unlocking mental barriers and self belief that will allow clients to thrive in the volatile, uncertain and complex environment we live in today.

Tipu combines his friendly and persuasive approach with deep insights and highly practical tools that assist clients to create sustainable change.

He has gained unique insights into how businesses can build and sustain high employee engagement and productivity, from recruiting, induction, technical and behavioural competence development through to performance and resource management and critically also leadership development.

Coaching creates a culture with lower 'learned dependency' and people are more empowered to think and take accountability for their ideas. This also means their 'leader' can focus on the actual leadership.

Melanie Trask

Executive Coach, Leadership Development, Strategic HR Consultant & Change Management

Mel is an experienced Executive Coach, Strategic HR Consultant and Change Manager. She has led and managed her own HR, Consulting and Sales Units, Specialist ER functions and also operated as an integral part of various Executive Leadership teams.

Insightful,  pragmatic and highly approachable, Mel quickly gains trust even in difficult, testing situations.

High level coaching, facilitation and strategic consulting skills are coupled with an HR/ER/IR employment law background and over 20 years of experience across a diverse range of industries. Industries include banking & finance, engineering & manufacturing, FMCG’s corporate law firms, tertiary education and not for profits.

I focus on building individual connection, resilience and strength, assisting leaders to address the ever-present strategic, people and cultural change issues that are a constant in any role today.

Sean Haywood

Executive Coach and Facilitator

Sean is a passionate change leader and executive coach with the ability to influence across all levels of an organisation. His diverse business background spans many industry sectors, giving him an appreciation and insight into many of the issues faced by business leaders and their teams.

Sean’s coaching style focuses around understanding and maximising people’s strengths in order to nurture their professional growth and enhance performance. His forward-thinking and analytical mindset combined with his empathetic and collaborative style forms a unique and creative approach to tackling and solving organisational challenges. He achieves this by harnessing the power of team diversity and establishing frameworks that foster innovation and drive performance. This approach has been the foundation of his success in delivering IT and transformational projects across the world.

Prioritise creating an environment where people can feel safe and be allowed to express themselves and innovate without fear of failure.

James Harcourt

Facilitator and Executive Coach

With a background serving in the Australian Army, James has experienced first-hand the importance of strong leadership when driving success in stressful environments.

James is passionate about improving other people’s lives and creates superior outcomes through his straightforward coaching.

Since moving into Coaching and Facilitation, James has worked with start-ups to ASX listed heavyweights in Technology, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Government, Engineering, as well as the Oil & Gas sector.

With coaching, people are better positioned to be the best version of themselves, and have a much greater impact on those around them.

Leonie Rothwell

Co-Founder, Director

Leonie is an experienced innovator who partners with clients worldwide to create effective organisational transformation and high performing teams. Over 25 years she has gained experience and held senior executive roles in consulting, sales and marketing and general management in Australia and Asia Pacific. 

Leonie has a natural ability to build trust, inspire individuals and align personal and business objectives. 

Leonie has a deep passion to help organisations do better by creating access to development to all individuals in an organisation. She had a senior position in corporate mental health and wellbeing organisation, managing a team of organisational and clinical psychologists developing mental health programs and preventative solutions for high risk workforces over a diverse client base.

Hand on heart, we believe our encountas team is one of the best in the world. Not only are they talented but they are passionate. I am humbled by their work every day!

Brett Chant

Facilitator and Learning Professional

With a high level of national and international expertise, Brett is a dynamic trainer and facilitator who leverages the concepts of accelerative learning in the groups he works with.

For over  fifteen years, Brett has been working as a design and training consultant and facilitator with business entities from manufacturing, finance, professional services and government.

Cross cultural communication is also a passion for Brett as he has facilitated groups and delivered training in over 30 countries around the world in places as varied as Pakistan, Mexico, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Slovenia and Spain.

With a specialisation in leadership and being able to make the complex simple for learners, he is a highly engaging and effective member of the delivery team.

For me, the simple message is around the importance of leading change in uncertain times. All leaders need to know that change needs to be done with people...not to people.

Nicole Stinton

Executive Coach and Facilitator

Nicole Stinton has worked in learning and development for over a decade in Australia, Asia and Europe. Her passion for people development has led her to work as an executive coach, key-note speaker, and facilitator across all corporate levels.

Equipped with a CEG Coaching qualification, a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Workplace, Nicole focuses on developing highly successful leaders, who are impactful, articulate, and dynamic in their communication. In addition to her executive coaching work, key skill focus areas include public speaking, emotional intelligence (EQ),communication, impact and personal brand, creative thinking, cultural diversity, and women in leadership.

One of the unique value-adds Nicole brings to her coaching is her experience outside the corporate sector as a director and actor in the performing arts industry. During sessions she draws from EQ and interpersonal best practices from both the arts and business arenas, to assist leaders in becoming more communicative, self-aware, and adaptable. Because of her arts experience, when needed Nicole is able to utilise acting skills to demonstrate techniques effectively and simulate work-place discussions realistically for coachees.

Communication and emotional intelligence are physical, not just mental, processes. So, you can practice and improve them, the same way you practice a tennis serve or a golf swing.

Philip Cross

Facilitator and Executive Coach

A coach and facilitator with over a decade of experience, Phil works with leaders to help them integrate purpose, meaning and performance.

Phil takes a developmental approach to coaching, helping leaders ‘level-up’ and see things about themselves and the world around them they were previously blind to. There is no faster path to help individuals leverage their creative gifts, mitigate their blind-spots, and ultimately develop the habits and strategies that allow them to show-up and perform their life’s work.

Translating insight into action isn’t always easy, and Phil serves as a transformation partner for his clients. Providing space for reflection, incisive questions, and accountability.

Increasing the consciousness of leaders improves their quality of being, the quality of their decision making and their overall positive impact. Better leaders, better organisations, better world.

Juliette Hall

Co-Founder, Director

Juliette is a strategic customer centric professional with a unique skill set in designing high impact engagement and experience for employees and clients across the board. 

Juliette has over 20 years’ experience in leading strategic initiatives in learning, education, consulting, professional services and health. 

Drawing from her experience in implementing and managing large global projects across multiple verticals, Juliette now couples her strong passion and belief in relationship and engagement strategies with operationalising strategy. 

Juliette is motivated by influencing strategic direction, promoting culture and embedding sustainable practices to maximise results for her chosen partners.

We built encountas as we believe every individual has a right to create an impact in their own way. Trust us with your project at scale, we'll bring it to life!

Georgia Ramm

Hub and Community Director

As the Director of the Hub and Community, Georgia is passionate and driven to ensure that the encountas team and our clients work together cohesively to deliver impactful and targeted experiences.

Georgia has extensive experience in the VET sector, managing learner experiences and developing and supporting systems to compliment this. Georgia has successfully managed complex projects and experiences with a variety of stakeholders and builds strong relationships through genuine connection, self-awareness, and effective communication.

She is committed to going above and beyond for clients, participants, and coaches, ensuring every point of contact is a positive, helpful, and meaningful one.

In our current hybrid work environment, it can be a simple connection with a human, that can make a difference in a learner’s journey.

Sarit Vandegraaff

Executive Coach and Facilitator

Sarit is an experienced organisational coach and facilitator who has worked locally and globally, supporting organisations from a cross section of industries including retail, banking and finance, manufacturing, legal, government, education, and the social purpose (NFP) sector.

Having led teams herself in the retail, finance, and professional development industries, Sarit has an acute understanding of the pressures and complexity that come with leading in both large and small organisations in our current changing environment.

Over the past 12years Sarit has walked alongside leaders and their teams to lead transformational organisational change. Her approach is tailored and consultative to suit organisational needs, whether it be strategic planning, cultural transformation, executive coaching, team coaching, and leadership skill enhancement towards greater organisational impact.

Sarit is passionate about equipping leaders at all levels with the skills they require to elevate their leadership. Her areas of expertise include Emotional and Social intelligence (EQ/SQ), coaching skills, giving feedback that lands, having the tough conversations, team motivation and engagement, confidence building, managing stress and succession planning.

Coaching draws out greater potential towards a more fulfilled existence for leaders, their teams, and the overall organisation. The impact is the positive ripple effect this creates, from individuals to the collective.

Mark Oostergo

Principal Psychologist

Mark has a broad background, beginning his career serving nearly a decade in the Australian Army as a Psychology Officer. This provided him the opportunity to provide individual, team, and Organisational Psychological intervention both in Australia and overseas on operations.

During this time, Mark also had the privilege of working with Australia’s elite Special Forces in human performance, workplace mental health, and selection and assessment. Mark concluded his career in the Australian Army as the commander of a health centre with over a hundred staff across multiple professions. He was awarded an Australian Defence Force Gold Commendation for his motivational and supportive leadership in this role.

As a psychologist, facilitator and coach, Mark has worked across industry in human factors, human performance, workplace mental health strategy development, psychosocial risk assessment and management, and leadership development.

He is passionate about providing solutions that impact 5 in5 employees, not just the 1 in 5 who may experience mental ill-health at anyone time.

Mark has applied these skills across industry including professional sports (Western Force Rugby and NRL), police and emergency service agencies at the state and federal level, mining and resources, professional services, and finance and insurance.

Mark has helped countless senior executives find the best versions of them so that they lead through wellbeing.

Mark has an unique blend of proven experience and expertise in mental health and a deep understanding of how organisations can create systemic change to create healthy and successful workplaces.

Indra Soebardi

Executive Coach

Indra delivers coaching programs in the area of leadership competencies development for Directors to Senior Leaders, diversity and inclusion, empowering exit employees due to restructuring, as well as behavioral expectations and embedding company culture for Leaders. She has also acted as a  trusted advisor and external BOD for employee placement, career and  performance issues for an international affiliated communications agency.

Indra’s experience in coaching and facilitation have been in individual transformation and human connectedness - working with individuals in their understanding of "being" and facilitating their "becoming".

What does Indra care about? Life of course!

She cares about how life is being lived and experienced and her purpose is to support her clients to live any facet of their lives optimally or differently, as  they desire.

Powerful coaching shifts the way you view yourself and the world around you. It will shift the action you can take and the results you can produce and the life you experience.

Dannii Vernon

Hub and Experience Manager

As the encountas Hub and Experience Manager, Dannii assists both clients and the encountas team to ensure all experiences are seamless, meaningful, and enjoyable. Understanding that behind every task there are humans with unique needs and goals, Dannii provides personalised support and guidance and creates an inclusive and supportive environment.

With a background in Vocational Education and Training (VET) and eLearning, Dannii’s career journey has equipped her with skills across compliance, operations, and records management, bringing a unique combination of organisation and regulatory expertise with a focus on the client and learner experience.

With technical proficiency and a detailed, forward-thinking mindset, Dannii effectively manages multiple projects and priorities, and takes on challenges with a solution-focused perspective to consistently deliver results.

Dannii is passionate about making a positive impact both professionally and personally with a human-centered approach, always bringing warmth and friendliness to every interaction.

Being part of a team that is passionate about making a genuine difference and provides opportunities for all individuals.

David Lawson

Facilitator and Executive Coach

With over 25 years experience coaching leaders at all levels, David brings original thinking and innovation when supporting companies to build a strong team culture.

As a Registered Psychologist, his main focus is on leadership development and culture. He supports leaders and teams to develop their companies, inspire teams, and generate the change needed in order to meet the organisation’s strategy and purpose.  

He has worked professionally with companies including Westpac, ABN AMRO, Goodman Fielder, Baxter Healthcare just to name a few.

Your people want to know that you’ve got their back and support them to be their best selves.

Nicole Hercus

People and Culture Specialist, Facilitator and Executive Coach

The quality of our lives is dependent on the quality of our relationships.

Nicole is a Designer, Master Coach and Facilitator with unique insight into human behaviour, systems and relational intelligence.

Nicole’s greatest strengths lie in galvanising the potential of the collective to meet the challenges of the moment in creative and inspired ways.  Through building relational intelligence within individuals and team, Nicole’s objective is always that the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Nicole’s style of delivery is highly facilitative, addressing challenges in a constructive and solution-oriented manner.

Her diverse business background spans multiple industries including; Banking & Financial Services, Professional Services, Accounting, Government, FMCG, Defense, Professional Sport, Pharmaceutical and the Not-For-Profit sector. 

Leaders have an opportunity to bring about the positive change we need. I encourage all leaders to act from this awareness - and to believe that they can make a positive difference when they do.

Drew McHugh

Leadership and Culture Specialist, Facilitator and Executive Coach

Drew holds a highly successful leadership and consulting background consulting with large corporate and public sector enterprises. He specialises in leadership, practical ethics, cultural development, executive coaching and strategic planning.

Drew quickly develops a deep and practical understanding of the challenges and opportunities of every client group he works with.

Under Drew’s guidance, clients quickly develop an appreciation of the impact of their current leadership style and approach. They are supported and challenged to seek the behavioural changes that will develop the positive leadership impacts they will have on those they lead and influence.

Every human action, conscious and unconscious decision contains a very healthy dose of self-interest - know that, own that, work with that...

Cherie Mylordis

Transformation & Change Expert, Lead Executive Coach & Facilitator

Cherie is a highly accomplished business transformation expert and executive coach who is passionate about helping organisations and their people thrive in the face of disruption.

With extensive experience in strategy and complex change, Cherie has an impressive track record leading projects with Accenture, large corporates, Government departments and NFPs.

Cherie has a global network across a broad spectrum of established and emerging disciplines, including agile, human-centred design and new ways of working. With a keen interest in progressive business and culture models, she tracks organisations that are achieving ground-breaking results across a range of sectors, and brings the benefits of that knowledge to her clients.

As an active member of global agile and innovation communities, Cherie actively participates in international forums to keep up with emerging practices, innovations, and case studies.

Great coaching enables people and organisations to achieve extraordinary outcomes that also inspire others to strive for high impact goals.

Tiamera Chau

Executive Coach, Experience Designer and Facilitator

Tia’s career in People and Culture started with a passion for humanising the workplace and grew into a love for facilitating lifechanging transformation and embedding highly engaged cultures.

Tia’s blend of expertise gained from over 15 years as a People and Culture Specialist and in more recent times, as a Performance Coach in her own business puts her in a strong position to assist her clients to become their best self and fulfil their ultimate potential, in and out of work.

Tia has a flair for diversity, perspective, and innovation, all of which is reflected in her work history. Tia’s time as a People and Culture Specialist spans across several different industries ranging from FMCG, Tech, Banking to Retail, of various team settings from start up to multi-national organisations, and showcases her involvement in multiple organisational development initiatives. This has included designing scalable people frameworks, optimising team culture, and coaching leaders and individuals through change and for high performance.

Giving people the space to get out of their own heads to explore their thinking with someone they trust. This opportunity is sacred in such a fast-paced world.

Nina Donavan

Executive Coach, Group Dynamics Consultant, and Facilitator

Advising business leaders through times of acute pressure and change has fuelled Nina’s passion for supporting individuals and teams to navigate complexity and uncertainty.

Nina works with business leaders to help them inspire and cultivate better team dynamics. She focuses on supporting clients through transition; from promotion or leadership change, metabolising the impact of M&A or retrenchments on teams and leaders, to adjusting to work life after the arrival of a baby.

Nina’s coaching and advisory business is built on 20 years of experience working closely with senior management teams and financial market advisors, supporting and counselling them in their ongoing critical communications with their different stakeholders; across investors, financial analysts, media and internal audiences.

We are all fallible human beings, and our power comes from understanding our flaws and not being ashamed of them.

Tracy Butler

Executive Coach and Facilitator

Tracy Butler has over 25 years of managerial and leadership experience working with corporations, non-profits, and small to medium sized enterprises.

Tracy has a unique blend of executive experience across operations, marketing, business growth and rapid tech. In her coaching career, she has worked with individuals creating career change and assisting with job transitions, bringing teams together through practical and easy to implement models, and delivering development workshops and facilitation for corporate, not-for-profit, and government groups.

She has designed programs and facilitates learning in the areas of individual and team effectiveness and operating styles, career planning, management and leadership tools, and personal branding.

One of Tracy’s primary purposes is to help others in; business, personal growth, and charitable causes. She is practical, service driven, and optimistic in her approach.

Taking a broader view, coaching has the potential to alter organisations in the long run. And just like with other interesting experiences, it genuinely has the power to change lives.

Kiki Mohan

Executive Coach

Kiki is a seasoned coaching professional, with over 20 years of experience nurturing individuals through various life stages. Her career in mental health services began in India, providing crisis support and cognitive behavioural therapy at one of the country’s largest private institutions.  

Over the next two decades, Kiki built a successful career as a global leader at Google, leading culture transformations across 13 countries to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.  

During this time, Kiki’s focus and impact centered on creating safe, fair & respectful workspaces, forming communities with underrepresented groups across the globe and building the capability of leaders so that they could amplify their impact.

With over 15 years of executive coaching experience, Kiki is a registered as a professional certified coach(PCC). She has successfully coached industry, community and not-for-profit leaders to achieve meaningful outcomes. This includes enhanced business impact, authentic executive presence, empathetic leadership, managing conflict, navigating complexity & ambiguity, delivering impact during times of personal and professional crisis, anchoring on life purpose and values, organisational influence and people leadership.

Kiki has a passion for social justice and equity, which has been a core focus of her career for decades. This has enabled her to develop deep expertise and specialist support for women entrepreneurs and executives through an intersectional lens, particularly in times of transformation, such as parenting, relationships or professional acceleration.

She strongly believes that mental health is key to living a productive and engaged life and is committed to providing an inclusive, non judgemental and safe space to all her clients through holistic coaching to support their journey towards their goals.

She is fluent in English, Hindi and Tamil.  

The biggest impact upon an individual or organisation from coaching is for them to discover a renewed & refreshed version of themselves!