Tiamera Chau

Executive Coach, Experience Designer and Facilitator

Giving people the space to get out of their own heads to explore their thinking with someone they trust. This opportunity is sacred in such a fast-paced world.

Tia’s career in People and Culture started with a passion for humanising the workplace and grew into a love for facilitating lifechanging transformation and embedding highly engaged cultures.

Tia’s blend of expertise gained from over 15 years as a People and Culture Specialist and in more recent times, as a Performance Coach in her own business puts her in a strong position to assist her clients to become their best self and fulfil their ultimate potential, in and out of work.

Tia has a flair for diversity, perspective, and innovation, all of which is reflected in her work history. Tia’s time as a People and Culture Specialist spans across several different industries ranging from FMCG, Tech, Banking to Retail, of various team settings from start up to multi-national organisations, and showcases her involvement in multiple organisational development initiatives. This has included designing scalable people frameworks, optimising team culture, and coaching leaders and individuals through change and for high performance.

We questioned each of our team to gather what they've learnt on their personal journey:

What's the biggest impact coaching can have on an organisation and individual?

Giving people the space to get out of their own heads to explore their thinking with someone they trust. This opportunity is sacred in such a fast-paced world. It’s also impactful in exposing people to what they “don’t know, they don’t know” through questioning and collaborative learning.

If you had all the world's leaders in one room, what would you like them to know?

That everyone has the potential to be a leader, it’s a matter of whether you want it. Some of us have natural abilities that lend well to being a leader, and even so a lot is learned. Figure out your identity as a leader before anything else. It becomes your anchor in challenging times so you don’t end up burnt out or compromising the qualities that make you unique.

In any organisation, what do you see as the difference between good and great?

A great organisation to me achieves their optimal financial, operational and people performance, consistently. Organisations that do this have a few things in common. They’re clear about their vision and are purposeful about the way each person is engaged in fulfilling it. They have embedded a culture that is reflected at all levels of safety, empathy, growth, diversity, and inclusion. Importantly, they value relationships whether it be with customers, team members, leaders etc. As a result, they have practices that consider people’s needs, strengths, stretches and uniqueness to achieve exceptional outcomes.

The best advice you've ever been given…

Two pieces of advice come to mind. The first is to start how I would want to continue. This is applicable in so many ways. It comes up when I start a new job or relationship. The other is care in a big way and direct it to what matters. I’ve received bad career advice like “you should care less” and I believe that’s both counterintuitive and counterproductive.

What are three words that describe you?

I’d say I’m an optimist, growth-oriented and empathetic.

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