There are many reasons to scale your impact!

If you want to be leading the world, you have to be learning!

Being Human is where it starts!

Human Potential = Business Potential. Our new reality is that humanising the workplace is a critical organisational imperative, not a “nice to have” concept. We have experienced rapid change in ways of working and successful workplaces will elevate these new ways of working and engaging people.  

Our lives, both professional and personal have integrated, and as a result, it’s a different world at work.

We understand our environment can change at any time, and that we need to build adaptive organisations that support the human beings trying to navigate complexity and perpetual disruption.

So how do you unlock your human potential, increase trust and improve performance across your entire organisation in this new way of working? The necessity of virtual and hybrid connection creates an opportunity for highly effective experiences at scale.

79% of employees said that wellbeing isn't designed or integrated into their workplace

The scaled opportunity for your talent

Your talent has literally left the building, and so should your current ways of developing. The crisis has changed the workplace, workforce and the work forever. We encourage you to keep moving forward and don’t revert back to what was.

The fact that a large part of our workforce, across all industries, have moved swiftly to remote, provides us an opportunity to think differently about their development, transformation and growth.

Encountas have always known the opportunity in designing virtual and hybrid experiences can provide access and equity in workforce potential.

The experiences that we have designed and delivered would never have ever been considered pre-pandemic.

81% of executives are changing their workplace policies to offer greater flexibility to their workplace.

Inclusive Development
Invest in the rest!

Inclusion strategies now need to be included in every part of your organisation, including development and engagement. Strategies of only investing in small group of people within an organisations is quickly becoming outdated and is predominately flawed.

The processes of choosing those who will receive development can be fraught with biases and limitations.

Hybrid and virtual experiences can be designed to scale development quickly, cost effectively and without quality being compromised. Every individual who interacts with our experiences receives the same focus. Now that is equity!

Our experiences focus on developing organisation-wide capabilities, engagement and strategy. Imagine the power of including everyone in those areas and aligning it all to strategy.

79% of learning professionals agree it is less expensive to reskill a current employee than to hire a new one.

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