CircleQ 360 Assessment designed for scale!

What makes CircleQ so different to other available 360 Assessment Tools?

Our team works with numerous assessment tools, many being those utilised historically by our clients. This makes sense as the results are immediately comparable to existing data.

To activate a fresh approach to your 360 experience, try CircleQ. A simple and insightful way to engage you leaders in personalised development.

CircleQ provides clear vision on the where to next!

We're seeking real insights on real humans. CircleQ identifies personalised strengths and development areas in a simple and effective way. This creates the conversation on development to kick off your experience.

CircleQ engages all stakeholders in the experience with a focus on creating value for everyone involved.

CircleQ assesses the contemporary capabilities that support innovation within organisations. CircleQ utilises language that is non-threatening so participants are at ease with their results and more compelled to take action.

Achiever. Focuses on the individual's level of self-awareness, self-management and the key capabilities to be developed to achieve within the organisation.

Collaborator. These measures are focused on team leadership and the key capabilities that leaders must develop to deliver through and with their team.

Transformer. The focus here is on organisational leadership and key capabilities leaders must develop to align to organisation’s purpose and objectives.

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What people are saying about CircleQ!

Great training program for senior managers. Many thanks for your encouragement, coaching and support!


The term coach seems rather inadequate when I think about our discussions and the insight and guidance he provided from our relatively short encounters........


I have found the experience to be very beneficial and it has changed my way of thinking.


Very well facilitated sessions and very insightful comments made by the coach. Thank you!


This session was helpful for me to really toss around with my coach a couple of areas in the day to day leading of the business......


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