Values drive
everything we do:

You First Mindset

Accelerating capability at scale is not an easy feat. We get it!

Encountas are committed to building innovative experiences that create impact and deliver outcomes. The aim of the game is to blow your mind when it comes time to deliver and to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.  

Encountas has been decades in the making. Founded by Juliette Hall and Leonie Rothwell, two passionate and driven women who combined forces to deliver engaging, inclusive and accessible programs designed to be scaled organisation-wide. 

Note from our Co-Founders

Juliette Hall
is passionate about impacting humanity

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I am hugely motivated to ensure that everyone knows their own value. For so many of us, we spend time trying to do and be what we think other people want us to do and be - as leaders, team members and as humans. What’s really powerful is when we are given the chance to be the best versions of ourselves, feel invested in, valued and heard!

Encountas was born out of a strong desire for each human to be given access to opportunities to grow and learn no matter where they are. The really cool thing is that we do this at scale – so 100’s and 1000’s of individuals can be impacted at the same time through tailored experiences that benefit them, their teams and crews and their whole organisation and it doesn’t take long. 

Imagine the themes and insights we hear and then feed back to our clients which in turn influences the systemic impact that the organisation strives for!

Leonie Rothwell
wants to ensure everyone has a voice

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I am driven to give everyone an opportunity to be their best. True inclusion is where everyone feels they have a voice and the opportunity to fulfil their potential.  

We started encountas deliver impactful work that made a difference to individuals, teams and organisation and ultimately communities and the world. We get excited about multiplying our impact by delivering at scale to every corner of your organisation, not just the lucky few in head office.  

Now the world of work has changed it is even more important to rethink how you engage with your workforce. The opportunity is here to provide real, authentic opportunities to grow, connect, innovate, collaborate and engage with a diverse range of people.

At encountas, we are looking ahead and designing experiences that not only deliver on your organisational outcomes but create life changing experiences along the way.

Our passion for human development made it personal

They bring over 30 years of combined experience to the table, and are committed to solving complex challenges, challenges that require a new way of learning. The entire team at encountas is passionate about creating impact.

They have certainly met their expectations. In the short time established they've already delivered 1,000's of hours in coaching and facilitation!


Upskilling at scale starts with a human-first approach 

Upon to engaging encountas, we become one of your team, not your consultant.

We're with you every step of the way and focused on your success.

You can expect us to track milestones and objectives as we deliver experiences that impact your organisation from the ground up!

Explore our values for a better understanding!

Connection. We know that connecting humans creates growth and transformation.

Impact. Everyone is able to make an impact and together this is multiplied.

You First Mindset. We are driven by your outcomes and build the  experiences to deliver.

Partnership. We create robust partnerships with everyone we work with by pushing them to delve deeper and achieve more.