Kiki Mohan

Executive Coach

The biggest impact upon an individual or organisation from coaching is for them to discover a renewed & refreshed version of themselves!

Kiki is a seasoned coaching professional, with over 20 years of experience nurturing individuals through various life stages. Her career in mental health services began in India, providing crisis support and cognitive behavioural therapy at one of the country’s largest private institutions.  

Over the next two decades, Kiki built a successful career as a global leader at Google, leading culture transformations across 13 countries to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.  

During this time, Kiki’s focus and impact centered on creating safe, fair & respectful workspaces, forming communities with underrepresented groups across the globe and building the capability of leaders so that they could amplify their impact.

With over 15 years of executive coaching experience, Kiki is a registered as a professional certified coach(PCC). She has successfully coached industry, community and not-for-profit leaders to achieve meaningful outcomes. This includes enhanced business impact, authentic executive presence, empathetic leadership, managing conflict, navigating complexity & ambiguity, delivering impact during times of personal and professional crisis, anchoring on life purpose and values, organisational influence and people leadership.

Kiki has a passion for social justice and equity, which has been a core focus of her career for decades. This has enabled her to develop deep expertise and specialist support for women entrepreneurs and executives through an intersectional lens, particularly in times of transformation, such as parenting, relationships or professional acceleration.

She strongly believes that mental health is key to living a productive and engaged life and is committed to providing an inclusive, non judgemental and safe space to all her clients through holistic coaching to support their journey towards their goals.

She is fluent in English, Hindi and Tamil.  

We questioned each of our team to gather what they've learnt on their personal journey:

What's the biggest impact coaching can have on an organisation and individual?

Discovering a renewed & refreshed version of themselves.

In any organisation, what do you see as the difference between good and great?

Every individual feels valued and belongs.

If you had all the world's leaders in one room, what would you like them to know?

Listen to the quiet ones.

The best advice you've ever been given…

It's never too late to do what gives you meaning.

What are three words that describe you?

Inclusive, Honest, Creative

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