Juliette Hall

Co-Founder, Director

We built encountas as we believe every individual has a right to create an impact in their own way. Trust us with your project at scale, we'll bring it to life!

Juliette is a strategic customer centric professional with a unique skill set in designing high impact engagement and experience for employees and clients across the board. 

Juliette has over 20 years’ experience in leading strategic initiatives in learning, education, consulting, professional services and health. 

Drawing from her experience in implementing and managing large global projects across multiple verticals, Juliette now couples her strong passion and belief in relationship and engagement strategies with operationalising strategy. 

Juliette is motivated by influencing strategic direction, promoting culture and embedding sustainable practices to maximise results for her chosen partners.

We questioned each of our team to gather what they've learnt on their personal journey:

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