Together we create your experience

Interested in our process in delivering on scale experiences?

Our step by step process to solving your organisational challenges.

There's no need to be apprehensive! We can pilot any experience with a smaller team prior to a potential organisation wide rollout!

Step One

Everything starts once you're Onboard!

Once onboard we'll start our deep discovery, which allows us to get to the bottom of the challenges in your organisation. This discovery also allows us to best create experiences to solve these challenges.

We'll discuss and determine your goals, objectives and the results we aim to achieve. We gain crystal-clear clarity on your needs, agreement on your expectations and how to measure success.

Step Two

We'll Engage with you to co-create your Blueprint

We engage all key stakeholders with transparency to co-create your Blueprint. This co-creation ensures we are on-point in solving the challenge and that all intended outcomes are aligned. 

This Blueprint provides in-depth plans into how we’ll achieve your outcomes. It will also include a communication and engagement plan for all stakeholders. 

Step Three

Go Live! We're now ready to start!

Once the Blueprint is approved we go live!

Depending on your strategy, this may include individual assessments, coaching, workshops and cross-facilitated meetings delivered across your entire organisation. We track the results as we go and keep you informed along the way. 

Step Four

Report insights, results and future actions

We provide a full report detailing the findings and insights gathered during the experience.

We collate all data and feedback from your team and ours to provide you with themes and insights that were observed. We link these back to the desired outcomes and explore together the impacts made, and we determine any future action plans.

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