The way we deliver is different, it's fresh!

Our experiences and coaching approach were both created to accelerate impact!

All our experiences can be delivered virtually or face-to-face, and can be customised to meet your organisational needs.

The standout with encountas is our ability to reach all individuals and teams, wherever they are!

Impact at scale, built the way

Experiences ensure maximum impact, access and delivery with limited disruption. Scaled experiences are designed to be cost effective.

Whilst experiences target specific outcomes, we remain mindful of the individuals, teams and the strategy of the organisation. In other words, no one size fits all!

Built your way, even tailored to your content!

Our experiences can be designed to deliver our content, content designed for you, or we can upskill our coaches and facilitators to deliver your content.

Delivering your content through our experiences can bring your content to life. We will understand your desired impact and then embed and action across your entire organisation.

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Our coaching approach ignites each individual's development!

Our coaches and facilitators are experts in maximising the experience and personalising the learning and engagement.

Creating impact at scale leverages an active coaching approach that delivers fast results.

Facilitator. A questioning approach helps the participant use their own experiences and information.

Mentor. The coach/facilitator shares their background, stories and experiences to help in decision making.

Advisor. The coach/facilitator draws from their expertise and experiences to assist decision making.

Your success is our focus!

Our coaching approach gives focus to both horizontal and vertical development.

Horizontal: What You Know
Knowledge, skills and competencies ensure individuals are more productive and better able to communicate.

Vertical: How You Think
Thinking in more complex, systemic, strategic and interdependent ways develops individuals who are agile, innovative and more valuable to the organisation.

The encountas hub are the powerhouse of our delivery!

The encountas hub is another human side to our delivery. They are the touch point for every participant, client and coach.

Responsive They respond immediately to any problem or technical issue which may be encountered with new participants, particularly with those working remotely.

Proactive The encountas hub track engagement from behind the scenes, highlighting any trends that may need to be addressed.

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