Answers to your Questions?

Experiences and Delivery

How do you personalise the experience for the individual and ensure we achieve organisational outcomes?

We design experiences working with multiple stakeholders. This is our daily reality. We spend the time upfront to align the organisation and individual experience and have systems in place to ensure our encountas team (operations and learning facilitators and coaches) are deeply embedded into the experience and the outcomes.

Something isn’t working well in my organisation but I’m not sure what it is, can you help me?

Absolutely! Book a discovery call, we ask you the questions and share our experiences to uncover what challenges your organisation is currently facing.

I’ve come up with an innovative way to upskill our organisation in key areas… but I’m unsure how to resource and execute the idea. Can you help?

We like to think we can make what seems impossible, possible. The learning experiences we thought were only reserved by the elite few, are now available to everyone. Book in a discovery call now and we will share our experience on how we can help execute your idea.

Quality and Consistency

How do you manage consistency when delivering at scale and particularly when workers are remote?

We've been delivering virtual and hybrid experiences at scale for over 5 years. We have systems and processes to ensure we upskill and brief all coaches on organisational, teams and individual objectives. We believe that these different lenses align and this results in value for all.

How do you pick your coaching and facilitation team?

We believe we may just have the most unique coaching and facilitation team around. All hand selected through our extensive network, some we have worked with for over a decade. Our encountas team have deep expertise in systems thinking, executive coaching, deep democracy, facilitation, group dynamics, innovation, design thinking and more. You should see it when we are all together!

Costs and Engagement

Is there a minimum engagement period?

There isn’t! We work to understand your outcomes and build the experience from there. Engagement could be 2 hours or 2 years.

How much do your services cost?

Because we provide tailored solutions for your organisation we provide custom quotes based on your needs. When working at scale we can create efficiencies that we pass on to our clients. The fastest way to get a quote is to book a discovery call.

How do I get a quote?

Quotes are provided after we’ve had a discovery call to discuss your current challenges. You can book a discovery call, or if you’d like an overview of our process to learn how it works, click here.  

Pilot and Experimenting

Is it possible to experience your services before engaging encountas?

There are several ways to experience us before making a commitment. Reach out to us to find out more and organise a demonstration or pilot of our experiences.

Can it really work at scale?

Yes. We have proven that all types of programs and initiatives can work at scale. We push the edge on what can be delivered in the virtual space and this provides equity in accessing development and growth.

Start now, book a Discovery Call!