Our creators come from decades of coaching & learning

A long awaited teaming

People who know Juliette Hall and Leonie Rothwell have commented that it’s about time these two built a business together.

Juliette and Leonie met over two decades ago while working in a learning consultancy, and not long after Juliette arrived in Australia. They have always shared an unwavering passion for delivering impactful learning experiences at all levels of an organisation.

It's personal

We know that when you embark on an on scale learning program, it is personal. And it’s personal for them too! What drives Juliette and Leonie is their passion to build experiences, based on client’s outcomes, and then blowing their minds when it came to delivery.

They have a unique passion in this space, that creates momentum throughout the learning experiences. Between them they have designed and delivered over 300 learning experiences across local, regional and global audiences and their shared beliefs and understanding have continued to grow and align.

Handpicked talent

What comes with being an active player in the industry for so long is that you know the talent and who delivers. They have handpicked a global design, facilitation, coaching and customer team who deliver time and time again. You know those coaches and facilitators who clients always ask back. The encountas are a special team of humans and we are always growing.

We have skin in the game

When partnering with clients, we become part of the team. Anyone who has worked with Juliette and Leonie knows they are right in it with you! Laser focused on your success and what lessons learnt on the way.

They bring a hyper-vigilance on the success factors of a learning experience and co-create this with you upfront and track to the milestones and objectives.

One of their current obsessions is how individuals, communities, organisations and networks can collaborate to create superior outcomes for everyone. Juliette and Leonie believe wholeheartedly that their encountas experiences will drive engagement, performance and harness the collective power and intelligence.

The values that drive encountas are the foundation to everything they do

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