Supercharge strategy across your entire organisation


Don’t keep your valuable strategy a secret!

Deliver and implement your strategy across your whole organisation and develop meaningful feedback loops to ensure they continually evolve.

Shift your strategy and embed it globally

Dramatic shifts in the way we work, requires the same shift in the way we execute and deliver strategy. The key to executing strategy effectively is to engage, empower teams and create feedback loops to continue to iterate. Failure of any strategy implementation is often due to the lack of engagement from the people who are needed to step up and bring the strategy to fruition.

Encountas have the technology and ability to reach those key people of influence and help drive those strategies across the business.

90% of well formulated strategy fails
because of poor execution

Rapid teaming and engagement delivered virtually


Increasing engagement requires more than measurements

Engaged employees are known to perform better, innovate more and to provide a clear differentiation for your organisation.

It's time to charge your engagement strategy

We now have the tools and the technology to rapidly increase engagement.

Increasing engagement isn't a simple task. It is now more about understanding, motivating and coaching. Reorganise not only the way you engage across the organisation with your individuals, leaders and teams, but also provide them the tools to empower how they engage with each other.

Modern workers expectations are increasing with the millennial generation make up to be 75% of the workforce by 2030

Global engagement has stagnated at around 35%, while those actively engaged is at only 15%

Consistent learning experiences delivered at scale!


Transition learning from exclusive to a democratic opportunity

Delivering learning to all employees has always been too expensive due to location, flights, accommodation and time that is unproductive.

Imagine if everyone worked remotely? Flip the mix on your learning strategy

The new mantra is “work is what you do, not where you go”. Many learning professionsals are “flipping the mix”. Traditional learning once made up a large percentage of delivery, but now we see a flip in that mix with many organisations moving to virtual and digital.

The flexibility that remote work provides in terms of accessing a wider pool of talent, and providing a desirable work experience, can help accelerate your business’ growth and development. As this dynamics grows and changes so should your development strategies.

When looking to scale learning, you don't have to minimise quality of interaction. With new technologies; live virtual coaching and development is possible right across the organisation and at all levels cost effectively.

The number-one trend for 2019 is the need for organisations to change the way people learn; 86% of workers cited this as an important or very important issue.