Organisations have changed globally, now we need to!

Access potential across your entire organisation

The fourth industrial revolution is a world where individuals move between digital domains and offline realities with the use of connected technology. In response to these changes, the new organisation has an increased focus on the 'human experience' driven by purpose, this shift meaning a move from traditional hierarchies to teams.

We now have different ways of working including co-located, remote, flexible working and the alternative workforce. Yet most organisation have not refreshed their approach to strategy, engagement and development.

Remote workers and teams are now a force!

Many organisations are engaging remote, freelance or contract workers or even entire teams to fulfill roles or to take advantage of those more highly skilled.

Lets take a look at a few we hold in high regard. They are highly motivated and innovative organisations and demostrate the 'new organisation'. Their model is operating well as new and successful businesses.

250 people
24 countries

1171 people
67 countries

1167 people
75 countries

While these organisations aren't large by number of employees, the output from each would, in any world or langauge be considered exceptional. Their individuals and teams are both highly motivated and extremely productive.

Initiatives delivered upon jointly designed experiences

Experiences are built from a combination of your knowledge and ours!

We deliver a range of experiences that are flexible, active and are focused on delivering fast results. We enable growth through connection in areas of strategy, engagement, personal and professional development.

Experiences are built through a combination of virtual coaching, facilitation and technology. Our team understands the best way to achieve the outcomes your organisation is seeking and how to maximise the experience across all levels within an organisation.

Whilst these experiences are built to target specific outcomes demanded by the organisation, they are built mindful of the cohort, teams, locations and the specific outcomes themselves. In other words, we understand that 'no one size fits all'.

Built your way, even tailored to your content!

Our 'experiences' can deliver our content, content developed specifically for you, or we can upskill our coaches and facilitators to deliver your own content. By delivering your content through encountas, you are assured it is understood, embedded and actioned across your entire organisation.

Individual Assessment

Multiple options for assessment can be employed. Assessment pre & post the program helps measure effectiveness.

Cross Facilitated Meetings

Multi-way meetings that assess, define and review goals, both at the start and end of a program to maintain dialogue.

Group Coaching Sessions

Delivered virtually to a team, group or the entire cohort, it can cover challenges confronting the whole organisation.

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Delivered either to schedule, or for some programs delivered on demand. They are individualised & confidential.

Integrated Learning Resources

Linked with discoveries made through coaching, they can be provided from our library, yours or developed from your content.

A fresh and purposeful approach to your interactions

An active and live approach

Our group and individual coaching approach focuses on both horizontal and vertical development. Our global team of experienced executive coaches and facilitators are experts in maximising the virtual experience and personalising the learning and engagement. Development at scale does not need to be passive. Our active and live experiences create real learning and engagement experiences.


The coach/facilitor shares their background, stories and experiences to help the participant in their decision making.


The coach/facilitator draws from their expertise and experiences to assist the participant in their decision making.


A questioning approach helps the participant use their own experiences and information to assist in decision making.

Horizontal and vertical development

Our group and individual coaching approach gives equal focus to both horizontal and vertical development.

Horizontal Development 'What You Know'

Knowledge, skills and competencies are instilled to ensure individuals are overall more productive and able to communicate within the organisation. Capabilities and competencies are assessed prior to the program to determine areas or blind spots where development is needed.

Vertical Development 'How You Think'

The ability to think in more complex, systemic, strategic and interdependent ways to develop individuals who are more agile, innovative and much more valuable to the organisation.

A smart way to measure capabilities organisation wide

CircleQ is designed with purpose in mind

While we can work with a number of tools that test capabilities or strengths, we've specifically designed CircleQ as a 'developmental assessment' tool. CircleQ provides 360 feedback on key capabilities to assess and determine where development may be required across three main areas;

Achiever, Collaborator and Transformer

Reporting for the individual is made clear, concise and the language and reporting is purposefully made to be non-confronting. Organisational reporting provides a clear picture of where to focus developmental efforts. It is the ideal tool for for organisations looking to determine their blind-spots or areas where individuals, teams or the overall organisation may benefit from development.


Focuses on the individual's level of self-awareness, self-management and the key capabilities to be developed to achieve within the organisation.


These measures are focused on team leadership and the key capabilities that leaders must develop to deliver through and with their team.


The focus here is on organisational leadership and key capabilities leaders must develop to deliver through and with others to align to organisation’s purpose and objectives.

Delivered in a range of smart ways

CircleQ allows for organisation wide assessments which we can packaged within any large scale program and delivered with confidential debriefing session for each individual. This assessment and debrief encourage self- awareness, reflection and informed strategies for change and development.

Organisational reporting is supplied with all programs at all levels to determine where development may be need to be focused.